Get the Gift of a Financial Plan

Are you interested in a financial plan but not sure if it is in your budget? Ask for a Financial Plan as a gift. Here is why, when, and how to get it.


4 Reasons Why

1. It is a great investment - The ROI (return on investment) for a financial plan can be huge. Setting up a plan for the future can be life-changing. 2. Even your stingy relatives would want to contribute to this gift for you - People will be surprised by your desire for this educational gift and think it is an honorable and worthy cause to support. 3. You can use what you learn not just for you, but everyone you know - In turn, you can help the people who helped you pay for it! 4. Most importantly, you can set yourself up for financial success - By laying out a strategic plan on paper, you are more likely to reach your goals. With the help of a professional, you will reduce the number of mistakes you might have made along the way.

4 Occasions When

1. College or high school graduation 🎓- Graduating from school is a milestone that also comes with large responsibilities. Whether it is taking out student loans to pay for college or learning how to manage your first real paycheck and work benefits, young professionals and students in debt benefit from learning about their finances early on. Family or friends will wish they had the opportunity to have this education when they went through the milestone themselves. 2. Wedding 👰– Getting married comes with many new financial responsibilities most don’t even realize, like combining health and property insurance to name just a few. Money can be a strain on a relationship if money values are not discussed early on. Get a 3rd party opinion and have the discussion with a professional to take the emotion out of it. By having a plan in place from the beginning of a marriage, it keeps both spouses on the same page. This is very important when two people are now sharing the responsibility of paying and saving for a joint life. 3. Baby shower 🍼 - Getting ready to bring a small bundle of joy into the world? Now is the time for a financial plan. All of your friends and family who have already had children would agree. Instead of toys and clothes for your baby, that they will grow out of in what seems like 5 seconds, ask for a donation to a financial plan instead. Learn about the costs of this bundle of joy and how it is going to change the rest of your financial life. 4. Buying your first house 🏠 – Buying a home is usually the largest purchase any one person could make. This purchase also comes with many ongoing and one-time expenses most people don’t want to think about. A financial plan before buying a home can help you determine how much house you can really afford. Also, what your cash flow would look like and how it affects your other goals when things like roof replacements or leaks happen. Throw a “Welcome Home” or “Bye Apartment” party. Instead of people bringing art, wine, or kitchen supplies ask for cash instead to purchase a financial plan.

4 Ways How


1. Go fund me or another crowdfunding site - Start a page and plead your case for why you want, or deserve, a financial plan. Share this on social media and spread the word. You don’t just have to get money from family and friends. Society can be generous if you are passionate about what you are asking for. 2. Wedding registry website – Nowadays on most wedding registry websites they let you add a “cash goal.” This option is most often used for honeymoon flights and hotels, but you can use it for a financial plan instead. All you have to do is describe what you want, a financial plan, and write out the dollar amount you need to pay for it. Your wedding attendees can decide how much they want to contribute to your gift and make the transaction online. It couldn't be easier.

3. Baby registry website – Same idea as with the wedding registry! Add a "cash fund" gift like this:


4. All other holidays - Birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Anniversary, Mothers' or Father’s Day, and a whole bunch of others! Ask people for cash instead of gifts to fund the purchase of a financial plan. There is a year’s worth of gift opportunities to collect the cash needed!

A financial plan is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Learn early and take the knowledge with you and share it with others. You will see this gift is worth so much more than the junk you will get and never remember. This gift will be remembered for a lifetime by you and those who helped gift it to you.